Simple Way to Business

Name of Business:

Retail and wholesale sale shop of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Validity of Business:


Business Proposal:

You have to sale the fresh fruits and vegetables having slightly better quality than the open market, supplied by us at the value of system current prices through internet. Consumers can buy the fruits and vegetables online from your shop, you have to serve him. System current price is more or less equal to market price.  Your shop’s advertisement will be done by company. Shop Name banner will be provided by company. You have to make daily demand as per your sale. We will supply the fresh fruits and vegetables as per availability, which may be more or less than your demand. You have to pay the sale value of material, daily in Company's Bank account. Responsibility for the quality, quantity, transport of fresh fruits and vegetables is ours. Responsibility for handling fruits, maintaining shop, collecting cash from customers, Depositing amount to company, is yours. You will not be held responsible for the no or less sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, but you will be held responsible for credit sale. Brake even point may be at 3 months business.

Business income:

You have to select one of the options from following two. It is valid for one month. You can change it for the next month.

Option 1. Business income is % of sale value. Example 6.25 % of sale value.

Option 2. Business income is Rs/kg of sale quantity. Example Rs 800/MT of sale quantity.


Today you have sold fruits of 1200 kg for Rs 25180. You have done sale in retail as well as semi wholesale. You collected amount Rs 25180, then

Option 1. Business income = 25180 * 6.25% = Rs 1573.75

Option 2. Business income = 1.200 * 800 = Rs 960.00

Business Investment:

No Deposit, No Advance. Only Shop Act License within 1 month of starting business. You have to sign a ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)’ as a legal agreement. You have to make arrangement and maintain following articles.
Item Approx Cost Monthly Maintenance
Computer with UPS, Printer and Internet 20000 300
Fruits and Vegetables storage Racks 1 no 5000 200
Plastic crates 20 no 5000 100
Air Cooler 1 no 5000 200
Weighing Balance; electronic and mechanical both 5000 100

Business training:

You have to attend 1 day free training program at Panchwati, Nashik.