For us, the consumer is human who directly eats or consumes the product for his food hunger by paying for it. "Consumer" means a human or a group of persons who has purchased our fruits or vegetables for personal consumption.

We provide fresh, juicy and sweet fruits and vegetables from our shops.
Please register as consumer on this website by clicking over "Consumer" picture at Home page.

You can see the fruits and vegetables, which are now available in our shop. You can buy the material at any time online with certain conditions. Delivery of the material is optional. You may collect it from our shop or Paid delivery service is also available.
    We now serves at :

Country State City/ District Citypart/ Taluka Area/ Village
India Maharashtra Nashik Nashik Panchwati
India Maharashtra Jalgaon Raver Savda
India Haryana Gurgaon Gurgaon Khandsa Road Mandi





 Currently we deals in following material groups :                
    Banana, Mosambi, Watermelon, Mango, Papaya