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Corporate Office:

Jayshree Ekanath Gajare
Executive Director 
Sonje Plaza, Near Rahi Hotel, Opposite Bhakti Dham,
Peth Phata,  Panchawati,
Nashik, Maharashtra, India 422003
Mobile: 09326185588
Phone: 02532620768, 02532316301

Banana Farmers and Traders,

Please contact for sale of green banana from gardens

Chetan Gajare (Banana Purchase Manager) 08806642707 (Whatsapp also), email:


Process and Distribution Center, Gurugram, Haryana.

Tanmoy Mistry (PDC Manager) 7840006869
Suneel Kumar (Shop Manager) 8750027780

Shop: . Alive kela godam, Basement of shop no 9 and 10, Opp. Govt. banana cold store, Anaj mandi, Khandsa road, Gurugram, Haryana.

Samar Majumdar (Shop Manager) 9205467050


Process and Distribution Center, Nashik

Jayshree Nemade (PDC Manager) 09096645346 

Process and Distribution Center, Jalgaon

Lalit Nemade (PDC Manager) 09021370210


Nashik Rahi Shop (For Fruit Vendors & Hockers) 

Sonje Plaza, Basement of Rahi Hotel, Opposite Bhakti Dham,
Peth Phata,  Panchawati, Nashik 422003

Nitin Wagh (Shop Manager) 7517087924


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