How to Sale

Are  you a Farmer?

Do you want to sell your farm produce?


Register yourself as a Farmer.

Fillup your garden details as well as crop details.

Fill up material details in availiability form.

Our field grader will contact you. Please inform him about your garden while field visit.

Login the site and see in Sale menu.

In " Now " , you will see the current demand of company at postharvest and preharvest.

If your available material is matching with the demand material then go further.

You can sale your material as preharvest. You have to enter quantity, then amount will be displayed by system showing rate per unit.

If you agree with the rate, then accept the agreement. Please note that this preharvest sale is the one time agreement for this transaction only between farmer and company.

Harvesting will be done on next day as per company's procurement system.

The settlement is done with the actual quantity of material harvested with the agreement rate.

You will be paid by the company directly in your bank account within the next 2 days.


In " Standing Instruction " , you can instruct system for making deal as per your condition.

In " Advance booking " , you can make future deal with your condition.

For any query mail at

Currently we buy banana, papai, mosambi and grapes from Jalgaon and Nashik districts of Maharashtra.

Please Contact on 0253-2620768 (9am to 6pm) at Company's Address.

Our Online purchase system is ready at adminsite. It may be available to you  till December 2013