Instructions for Customers

1. CARRY BAGS: For purchase of fruits and vegetables in retail for family consumption, please bring cotton cloth bags from your home. Carry bag is not available in "alive" shop. Another thing is that; the fresh fruits and vegetables have more life in cotton cloth bag than the plastic carry bag. There is cotton cloth bag available for purchase at our selected shops.

2. CRATES: We does not sale crates from our shops, hence please do not demand crate at  "alive" shop. Crate will not be issued for carrying outside the shop. You may bring crates of your own from your shop or home. 

3. GRADE: Please inspect the grade of fruit or vegetable and confirm it before buying.

4. QUALITY: Please check the quality of fruit and vegetable and confirm it before buying. There is no challenge after your purchase. Our products are perishable type, so no commitment of quality.

5. WEIGHT: Please check the correct weight of fruits and vegetables; or count the boxes or bundles correctly. If you have confidence; then only buy the fruits and vegetables. There is no challenge of weight or count after your purchase.

6. PREFERENCE: The one who come first, will be served first. No special preference at any shop.

7. ONLINE BUY: Please think more than 10 times before buying online from our website. If you have a confidence about our service of fruits and vegetables then only buy online; otherwise do not buy online. The main reason is after your purchase of fruits and vegetables; it never cancel. You must have to lift the purchased material at your cost even if you do not want it.

8. Timing: Shop is open and close sharply on timings given by each shop. Customers have to get the material delivered within that timing only.

9. Payment: Cash or Advance in Bank. Please make payment first and get sale invoice before delivering material. Advance payment is not mean as confirm purchase.

10. Rates: The current rate of material is available to you at shop or at your login. It may change at any time for different volume.