Alive Pot


 A Zero Energy Pot for storage of fruits and vegetables at Home

Maintains all fruits and vegetables as fresh as garden; useful in rural area and city also. This pot does not require any electrical energy.


1.       Ranjan: Earthen water storage pot, available at Kumbhar’s shop, used to store and serve cold water in hot weather. It is natural black colour having wall thickness range 10 to 20 mm.  External dimensions in mm are as below.  Diameter at bottom = 200 to 250, Diameter at top = 230 to 280, Maximum perimeter in middle = 1500 to 1700, Hight = 700 to 900.

2.       Cement Morter: The cement morter  (1:4) ring to store water at top. It is 50 mm apart the outer top opening having 25 mm thickness and 3 GI wire rings as reinforcement.

3.       Earthen pot breakages: Small pieces of breaked earthen pot are placed at bottom of Ranjan. Reason is 1. To absorb excess water seaped. 2. To provide aeration from bottom side holes.

4.       Laed: Earthen lead with holes, thickness 10mm, placed at top; with ends are submerged in water.

5.       Stand: A MS rod stand to place the pot above floor level. Rod dia = 10 to 12mm, Hight = 300 to 400mm.


Notes: Ranjan should not be coloured; it should be as natural as possible, without finishing, polishing.

                The four or eight holes at 25 to 30 mm from bottom having diameter 10 to 15mm should be drilled carefully, slowly, to prevent breakage, by metal pointed screw driver.  Purpose of holes is fresh air inlet.

                Pot should be placed in fresh and free flowing air. Or minimum air from ceiling fan touches it.


Observations:    alive pot placed at Nashik at Second floor in Kitchen Room; well ventilated, without fan. Total load of fruits and vegetables 10 to 15 kg constant, daily 2 to 5 kg in and out.

On 3 May 2010


Place Time Tempreture (°C) Humidity (% RH)
 Kitchen Room  8:00  27  84
 Open Terrace  14:00  40  
 Kitchen Room  14:00  32  73
 alive Pot  14:30  20  95









Conclusion: A very healthy atmosphere for alive fruits and vegetables is achieved without single unit of electrical energy.


Benefits: Useful as Zero energy Fruit and Vegetable storage.  When the open atmosphere have low humidity (30 to 55 %) and any temperature (20 to 50 0C). The Taste of material attains natural. Fresh, juicy and sweet feeling. We are using this pot from March 2008.



Item Self Life in Days
Tomato 10
Apple 15
Brinjal 10
Mango 30
Carrot 8
Cucumber 12
Tender Coconut 30
Banana 8











Drawbacks:  Not so much effective when the open atmosphere have high humidity (90 to 95 %) and high temperature (45 to50 0C) Particularly in August.

Price: Rs 1100 per No. Price includes delivery cost anywhere at Nashik. Free demonstration at home.

Contact:  Jayshree Ekanath Gajare 9326185588,   0253-2316301, email:

Demo: Alive Horticultural Services Limited, Sonje Plaza, Near Rahi Hotel, Opposite Bhakti Dham, Peth Phata, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra, India 422003 Phone 02532620768.


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