Journey of Alive Horticultural Services Limited



24 August  2011 : The company is incorporated as a Public Limited Company at Mumbai. " ALIVE HORTICULTURAL SERVICES LIMITED "

1 Sept 2011 : The first "Process and Distribution Center" named as " Nashik "  established at Nashik.  The first material group is "Banana".

9 Sept 2011 : The first "Shop" named "Rahi" started at " Rahi hotel basement, Peth fata, Panchvati, Nashik. for Banana. The hocker bought banana from shop; got printed bill, generated through our inhouse trading software system.


12 Sept 2011 : The second  "Shop" named " 87 " started at " Shop no 87, New Fruit Market, APMC, Peth Road, Nashik for Banana.

1 April 2012 : Online Shop started for consumers to buy online. Inaugrated by Mr. Siddheshwar.

4 May 2012 : Lucky Draw for April 2012 A) Highest sale goes to Ajay B) Lucky winner of Big Umbrella goes to Radhesham Jaiswal.


25 May 2012 : Operations of Dharampur shop (Valsad of Gujrat ) started with buy Kesar Mango.


22 Dec 2013: Started Ripening at Dhauj (Faridabad, Haryana) and sale of banana in polybag packing of 15 Kg for NCR.


30 March 2014 : Operations at Gurgaon shop at New Fruit Mandi, Khandsa Road, Gurgaon (Haryana) started with sale of our product "Banana G9 Ripe A15PB" through our inhouse fully controlled web based software system.

Got Sucess in 4 platforms:

  • 1. Sale on weight base (15Kg Pack) instead of existing count base. (12 Dozen). With this change we assured our customer about the weight of material.
  • 2. Sale on Cash and carry; No credit at all. With this change we offered freedom to our customer. He may or may not come to our shop.
  • 3. Delivery without crate; Customer have to bring his own crate. With this change we preserved our asset "Crates".
  • 4. Sale rate changes with respect to time and not with respect to the face of customer.


18 Dec 2014 : Operations of Consumer Delivery service started at Nashik. The first consumer "Mr. Sandesh Narayane" bought our material from his desktop on 17-12-2014. The material is packed in Pomogranate Box and delivered by "Mr. Sarang Warkhede" to him on 18-12-2014; the last Thursday of Margashirsha.


15 Feb 2015 : Started Banana ripening and sale from Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board's cold store at Anaj Mandi, Gurgaon.


1-6-2015 : Started Banana ripening and sale from Container Corporation's Center for Perishable Cargo (CPC), Kela Godam, Azadpur, New Delhi.


31-8-2015 : Stopped activities from CPC, Azadpur. We did not get extension because of their some administrative issues.


15-11-2015 : Started Banana ripening and sale from cold store at Kadipur, Gurgaon.


19-8-2016 : Started Banana sale from rented basement of Shop No. 9 & 10, Anaj Mandi, Khandsa Road, Gurgaon. 


2-1-2017 : Started banana sale from company operated, rented shop at Mangalapuri, New Delhi.


28-3-2017 : Started banana ripening and sale at basement of Shop No. 9 & 10, Anaj Mandi, Khandsa Road, Gurgaon, Haryana.


20-5-2017 : Stopped activities from manglapuri shop, New Delhi Because of property owner's problem.