Instructions for Customers

1. CARRY BAGS: The fresh fruits and vegetables have more life in cotton cloth bag than the plastic carry bag. 

2. GRADE: Please understand the grade of fruit or vegetable before buying.

3. QUALITY: Please understand the quality of fruit and vegetable before buying.

4. QUANTITY: Please confirm the correct quantity of material. It may be in Numbers for count or Kilogram by weight.

6. PREFERENCE: The one who come first, will be served first. No special preference at any shop.

7. ONLINE BUY: You are requested to buy online within 4 pm to 12 pm (Night). The material will be delivered on next day. You have options of delivery. 1. I will pick up material from your shop. 2. Please deliver my material at pickup point .....  3. Please deliver my material at my address.


8. Timing: Shop is open and close sharply on timings given by each shop. Customers have to get the material delivered within that timing only.


9. Payment: Preferred method is BHIM, Cash on delivery, Through internet banking. Please get sale invoice before delivering material.


10. Rates: The current rate of material is available to you at shop or at your login. It may change at any time and for different volume.