"The Indian Farmer is gaining appropriate value of his produce at his rural place at harvesting time through the Alive Company.

The right value is available to farmer at right harvesting time by right method through Alive's system.

The Consumer, who is concentrated in urban areas, is getting all the fresh, juicy and sweet Fruits and Vegetables in best consumable form at price of his purchase capacity in need time by the Alive Company.

The right product is available for consumer at right time in right price through Alive's system.

Every Stackholder such as trader, transporter, labour, invester, employee is gaining more and more by participating in Alive company's business.

Every client is pleasant, anandi, utsahi, healthy, wealthy because of transaction with Alive company.

Company is getting profit in each transaction; creating assets for it's growth.

Everybody is happy."


  • Agriculture Produce is a national property. It is perishable. Loss of this produce is a national loss. Reduction of losses is the Vision of Founder. Losses are due to delay in distribution upto consumer within shelf life of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Solution is either increase in shelf life Or decrease in distribution time.
  • Increase in shelf life is achieved by developing agriculture marketing infrastructure like development of cold chain, controlled atmospheric storages, etc.
  • Decrease in distribution time is achieved by developing market intelligence information system to distribute within shelf life.
  • Company's mission is establishing  and developing supply chain of all fresh, juicy, and sweet fruits and vegetables with the help of an organized market information system. 
  • At source market: The grower is selling his produce at preharvest or postharvest stage from his farm over the online system where many wholesale traders are available from various locations of India. The wholesale trader is buying produce at preharvest or postharvest stage over the online system where many growers are available.
  • At destination market: The grower, wholesale trader is selling it's branded product over the online system where many retail traders from various parts of city are available. The retail trader is buying the product over the online system with various available options.
  • The Alive company is acting as one of trader over it's own online system. The purchase of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables is done through system as a raw material from farmer at his farm. The Fresh Fruits and Vegetables is collected to the Primary Process Center  which is part of agriculture marketing infrastructure. Here primary processes like sorting, grading, cleaning, sizing, washing, drying, packing, precooling and ripening etc. are done on the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to make finished branded product of company. The finished product is then sold to retailers and consumers throgh shops under Distribution Center. All transports are done through the controlled atmospheric vehicles to maintain product alive. All the data moves on internet, which helps to make decisions. 
  • Our company's mission is establishing foolproof and mobile responsive, an organized market information system cum branded fruit product trading system to "Indian Farmers, Traders and Consumers" in their own language.

Our three dimensional progress is as per following measurements.

  • •       Our business length is Number of service locations. Like Nashik, Delhi etc.
  • •       Our business width is Number of service commodities. Like banana, cabbage, etc.
  • •       Our business depth is procuring material by going deeper up to farmer or grower
  • •       Our business height is distributing material by going higher up to end consumer.




1. We are committed to develope the responsible indivisual (Entrepreneur).