Any Trader, Fruit and Vegetable Vendor,

If you are trader of any fruit or vegetable and you are interested in dealing with us then please contact us.

We purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from farmers as well as Grower companies,  co-operative societies, grower groups, wholesalers.

We sale fresh fruits and vegetables through our company operated as well as franchise operated shop network to consumers, hockers, retailers, fruit vendors, hotels.

Anybody who is interested in business of fruits and vegetables can do his business with us.

There is business proposal for franchise operated  "alive fruit shop". Contact 9326185588 or


We purchase banana and mango from farmers directly at garden.

If you are a grower and interested in selling your produce to us, then please contact us with your details at 9326185588 or

Packaging material suppliers

We require all type of new and used packaging material for fruits and vegetable packaging through out a year.

Interested manufacturers and traders are requested to contact us at 9021370210 or


We require all types of transport vehicles for transportation of fruits and vegetables at local, state and national level
Tranporters, vehicle owners and drivers  are requested to contact us at 8806642707 or