FAQ of franchise sale shop

1. What is the royalty that i am supposed to pay ?

Ans: Currently no royalty.

2. Who will do the marketing & sales promotion ?

Ans: Company will do the marketing & sales promotion. The cost of advertisement of your shop will be paid by company.

3. Can i open more than 1 Store ?

Ans : Yes, As per your management capacity, you can operate number of shops in a city.

4. After opening the store from where will i get the raw materials, technological updates, etc on a regular basis ?

Ans: The material  will be supplied by company through a organised system. Company will provide you all updates regularly; because as your besuness increses, company gets benefit over it.

5. How many people are required in the store ?

Ans: minimum 1

6. What is the investment required to become alive stores franchisee ?


There are levels of business with Alive Horticultural Services Limited
1. Client - Independent business; Not controlled by Company, Capital required as per volume you trade/ ready to sale / purchase
2. Franchise Shop : Business controlled by company, less risk. Capital 1 to 2 lakh
3. Franchise Process and Distribution Shop: Business fully controlled by company, Lesser risk, Capital 5 to 10 Lakh.


7. What will happen if fruits and vegitables are not sold from franchise shop ?

Ans: It is company's responsibility to dispose off the shop's unsold material at company's cost.