Pickup Point

What is Pickup Point (PP)?

Pickup Point  is a place from where consumer collects his purchased fruit and vegetable box at suitable time.
Pickup Point  is a place to where shop delivers the fruit and vegetable box sold to consumer at particular time.
Pickup Point  is assigned to shop.

Who can do the work of pickup point ?

1. The person must want to earn some more money by serving society with his regular activities.
2. The person must be computer and internet aware. The application is as easy that even the eight'th standard student can understand very well.
3. The person having shop or home to mention permanent address to serve consumers residing in his area.
4. Shop or home must have little spare space about 4 to 10 sq. ft. for placing the fruit and vegetable boxes.
5. The person have a sufficient and regular time to serve the consumer.
6. Consumers can promote a person having time and space for the work as Pickup Point.

Distribution Process:

When consumer is registering himself on www.alivefruits.com; he have to select the Pickup point which is suitable for him.
When the client has bought material online and selected option of " I will collect material from my Pickup Point ".
Then all the material packed in company's packing with proper steaker and box number is prepared at Shop.
The box is then delivered to Consumer's selected Pickup Point through company's Distribution System.
The Consumer have to collect the box from Pickup Point.

Terms and Conditions :

This is a 100% delivery base deal. Company and Consumer, both are agree with this condition for intime.
If Company fails to distribute the material at Pickup Point; then the double of bill amount will be credited to the consumer's account.
If Consumer fails to collect the material from Pickup Point; then the material is send to waste without any refund to consumer.

What are the responsibilities of Pickup Point?

             1. Get the material from shop in time.
              2. Store the material with care preventing damage.
              3. Serve the material to consumer with smile.
              4. Understand any problem from consumer and communicate with shop manager.

What is the benefit of Pickup Point?

              1. Earn from Home is possible.
              2. A fixed sum of Rs per box payable from shop.
              3. Can provide Home Delivery also as per Consumer's request; and get extra service charge directly from consumer.
              4. Pickup Point can be converted into client's retail shop; which is not controlled by company's shop manager. Making business of sale of fruits and vegetables.